Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sarah's French Toasts!

Today I woke up wanting to eat some French toasts! So I thought of taking some pictures of the procedure so I could share it here :)

What I used was:
-Bread (4 pieces)
-Eggs (if is for one person use just one)

-Clean plate
-Bowl or deep plate

What I did was mix the egg with the cinnamon and the milk in a measuring cup. And then serve it on the deep plate or bowl.

You just place the mixture on each side of the bread. Also you can add a little butter to the bread on each side just to add flavor.

Then you cook it in the pan.

And it's ready to eat! :D

Sarah Elena

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AllThingsKitsch said...

Wow that looks delicious and now I'm craving french toast!!! yummm!