Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sun Protection Factor or SPF

As we all know, the sun (the UV rays) causes skin cancer. But not only that, this rays are responsible for darkening the skin, skin aging (the famous wrinkles!) and also acne. Many people think that the sun can only affect them in the summer or when the go to the beach and stuff like that, but they are wrong! These rays are always affecting us when we are exposed to them, even if it’s a cloudy day and it really doesn't matter the season of the year.
I made my little research and it said that the UV rays are stronger between 10am and 3pm, because of this we MUST protect ourselves if we want to keep a healthy living.

How can we do that?  It’s easy and simple! :) I prepared a little list of options that I do consider for myself.
      You can avoid the sun between 10am -3pm (or at least try!)
       *It you wear glasses. Wear spectacles that contain UV-400 protection, Transitions lenses (the ones that darkens with the UV rays) or polarized lenses.
      *If you don’t have prescribed glasses, the wear polarized spectacles with no prescription. This is very important because the eyes are as exposed to the sun as the skin is, and these rays do affect the eyes and can also cause diseases. So better choose to wear them and prevent anything! ;)
            *WEAR sunscreen for the body and for the face!


When purchasing your sunscreen, you must select the one with the biggest SPF (“Sun Protection Factor”) number, this means that you will be more protected. Also choose one that’s best to wear for the activity that you’ll be doing. For example: if you’re going to the beach, purchase one that is water-proof. Another pointer! When selecting your product look if it has the Skin Cancer Foundation logo, just to make sure that that product DOES have SPF, don’t be fooled! :)

Hope this helped you guys in some way J Let the summer begin now! :D
Have a great and healthy summer everyone!

with love