Friday, January 7, 2011

Hot Pink

Oh my god I can't believe the 2011 is already here, wow! Time just flies as fast as the speed of the light. Well it's time for an update... Let’s see where to start... Ok finally I got the camera, it's a pink Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W350 14.1mp and I'm happy with it, it's worth it. I also finished the semester with great grades. I think I mentioned that I got a new cell phone, it's the MyTouch 4g and it's amazing. I think that was pretty much it. Now here's some visual entertainment: D

Today's outfit:
Forever21 top
Bakers gladiator flats
House of Blue shorts

My sister's dogs: Minnie and Dorky

Dorky again :) I just love that dog.

Minnie looking very peaceful.

Testing my new cam :)

Here I am with my sister's dog, Dorky... And I hope you can also apreciate the eye makeup ^_^

Here's my New Year's hair and makeup! :D
Sarah Elena

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